Main Walls (11+ yrs)

44m Competition Wall
The Roof
Top Out Bloc (with slide!)
The Block
Shutter Wall
The Slab Wall
Training Area
Training Area
45 Degree Woody - Training Board with Digital Training Board Route System
Shop - climbing shoes, chalk, clothes, bouldering mats & more!

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What's here?

Originally bouldering was climbing on rocks that weren’t large enough to warrant a rope, but it has now developed into a very popular style of rock climbing in its own right. These short, tricky and worthwhile problems reduce the essence of climbing to something brilliantly minimalist.

Bouldering offers great freedom of movement, requires hardly any equipment and you don’t need a partner to hold your ropes.

At Boulder Hut , the climbing routes and ‘problems’ are graded for difficulty using colour-coded holds. This helps you find the right level and utilise the whole wall space…. Better still, it helps you track your own improvements.

Whether you’re looking to climb alone (and get that valuable head space for yourself) or in a group, solving problems together and having fun; Boulder Hut’s huge climbing space allows you to climb your way.


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14-17 Unsupervised Sign Off

If your child is between 14 and 17, competent at climbing and understands and adheres to the centre rules, they can be signed off to use the centre without a parent or guardian present. If you wish your child to have this assessment a parent/guardian must be present for it. There's no charge and it usually takes about 5 minutes. Please consult with a member of staff to arrange this sign-off.


Mountain Goats Induction - for 7-10 year olds who want to climb in the Main Area

Climbers aged 7 - 10 are usually restricted to the Boulder Zoo.

We understand that some climbers in this age range may be capable enough, or may have had enough climbing experience, to climb on our bigger walls.

The Mountain Goats Induction is a way for us to assess these climbers and fast-track them into the Main Area.

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