New Climber / Inductions

What is bouldering?

Originally bouldering was climbing on rocks that weren’t large enough to warrant the use of a rope, but over time it has developed into a very popular style of rock climbing in its own right. These short, tricky and worthwhile 'problems' reduce the essence of climbing to something brilliantly minimalist.

Bouldering offers great freedom of movement, requires hardly any equipment and you don’t need a partner to hold your ropes.

At Boulder Hut, the climbing routes, or ‘problems’ as they are referred to, are graded for difficulty using colour-coded holds. This helps you find the right level and utilise the whole wall space…. Better still, it helps you track your own improvements.

Whether you’re looking to climb alone (and get that valuable head space for yourself) or in a group, solving problems together and having fun; Boulder Hut’s huge climbing space allows you to climb your way.


Although it's not necessary to have an induction the first time you climb at Boulder Hut, we do recommend them if you've never climbed before, or if you could do with a refresher.

Our 1 hour induction includes: A tour of Boulder Hut, safety briefing with an Instructor, a crash course in techniques, chalk and shoe hire, followed by up to 2 hours of climbing time.


We offer a variety of tuition at Boulder Hut, for all levels of ability. For new climbers looking to learn the basics, we recommend taking a look at our Adult Beginner Courses. We run sessions several days a week, including women only sessions with one of our female instructors. More information and booking can be found here.

Before your visit, please complete your Waiver :)


Located just off Junction 7 of the M53, in Ellesmere Port, just 10 minutes from Chester