The best christmas gifts for climbers

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Christmas gifts for climbers

The best Christmas gifts for climbers. 

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Shhhhh, don't tell anyone I mentioned the C word. Ugh, I know right.

Does anyone else feel like they've only just put last years decs away? Glad I'm not the only one. 

Whether anyone likes it or not, the festive season is creeping up on us, like that spider that appears on your mantel out of nowhere. Uninvited, with big hairy legs just asking to be squashed beneath a Dan Brown novel (purely metaphorical, I always place my creepy crawlies in the bushes outside).

OK, so we've established that Christmas is coming, and we feel like reindeer in the headlights, but we need to answer that age old question of, WHAT DO WE GET THEM FOR CHRISTMAS?

You know who I mean. The ones who have everything. The ones who don't actually need anything. The ones that climb every day. The ones that.... you get the picture. 


In all seriousness, Boulder Hut has you covered, because it just so happens that we have lots of AWESOME gifts, ready to be wrapped, tied, and placed under the tree.

So, here it is, my list of the best Christmas gifts for climbers.

Number 1...

It has to be the gift of the Ultimate Pass. What else could be more perfect for a climber, than more climbing? Thankfully, Boulder Hut are able to offer 1 month, 2 months and 3 month, pre-paid passes, to gift to your loved ones this Christmas.

Even better if that loved one is yourself, because why the heck not? Am I right?

The great thing about the Ultimate Pass isn't just the unlimited climbing, but the fact that you can bring a friend for free on their first session, get free shoe hire AND get a 15% discount in our shop. 

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to get yours now.

Number 2...

The next best Christmas gift for climbers is a pair of climbing shoes. We have a decent range in our shop, at affordable prices.

We can have a member of our knowledgable staff guide you through what's what. Whether they're for a beginner, or someone who considers themselves an expert. You're guaranteed to find a pair for your special person. 

Boulder Hut Ami

Number 3...

How about the gift of tuition? This would be especially great for the young climbers in your life.

We offer courses for children aged 1.5 to 13, teens, adult beginners, adult improvers and of course 1 to 1 tuition for all abilities. 

These courses cover all the basics, and progress towards learning advanced techniques by the end of term. The beginner courses are a fabulous introduction to climbing and bouldering, which will exercise you physically and mentally, keeping you in top top condition from head, to toe.

Number 4...

For those who prefer the simpler things in life, we have a good range of designer clothing, and of course our very own range of Boulder Hut T's. 

Our sloth t-shirts are quite honestly, FABULOUS. Sloths are among the best climbers in our world, and just so happen to be one of the cutest creatures on earth. It only makes sense to put them on a t-shirt.

They're made from 100% organic cotton, here in the UK, in a factory powered by renewable energy (they just keep getting better). The perfect stocking filler for anyone!


Number 5...

Still not sure? Well I have the perfect gift for you too. Why not let them decide for themselves, with a gift card to use on anything at Boulder Hut. 

They can spend their gift card on tuition, items from our shop, or even on one of our hand rolled pizzas and a coffee. We're here for all their climbing needs.

Boulder Hut Gift Card

If you want to have a look at our full range of items, when you next come in, pop your head around to the other side of the front desk and browse our awesome shop.  Boulder Hut Shop

We've got Christmas covered. What will you choose as the best christmas gifts for the climber in your life?




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