The Living Wage

Here at Boulder Hut, we are proud to be a family business. For us, that means working as a team and making sure that everyone working with us gets the rewards that they deserve.

That’s why we have committed and joined the movement to paying the living wage. It’s important for us to pay a fair day's wage for a fair day's work because our values are to be ethical and sustainable, and that starts with our staff. 

The real Living Wage is voluntarily paid by over 3,600 UK businesses who believe that their staff deserve fair pay for their hard work. This is estimated to have benefited 150,000 workers since the Living Wage Foundation began its work in 2011 and we want it to benefit our staff from the very first day that they start working with us.

The government did introduce a National Living Wage in 2016 but, unfortunately, this isn’t a real Living Wage as it isn’t calculated based on actual living costs. It’s also only paid to workers over the age of 25. That’s why we’ve joined other employers across the country to pay the real Living Wage and make sure that everyone working with us is fairly compensated for their work.

Shockingly, 21% of workers in the UK still don’t earn a real Living Wage. This can leave people unable to pay their bills, provide for their families, or enjoy a full social life. With the 2017 rise in inflation, it’s become more important than ever that employees are fairly paid. It’s time for business to lead the change.

We know that there are business advantages to having a happy workforce with more motivation and less absenteeism, but we also know that fairly paid workers mean a better service for our customers. Many organisations have reported that paying the Living Wage has improved the quality of their goods and services. We want you to know that you’ll always be greeted with a smile at Boulder Hut, and this is just one way of making sure that happens.

We also want to recruit the very best: people who share our vision, our passion for climbing, and for doing business more ethically and sustainably. We hope that by showing our commitment to an excellent working environment, we’ll find the right people to show us that commitment in return.

There are so many reasons to pay the living wage, but at the heart of everything, we simply know that it is the right thing to do. We hope that you agree with us and will consider applying for our jobs, or visit us when we are open to meet our fantastic team.

You can find out more about the Living Wage here and our new job vacancies here.

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Millie Kidson

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