You are never too old or too young to climb

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Climbing is a low impact activity making it suitable for all ages, heights and sizes.

If you’re sick of feeling like ‘the kids are climbing the walls’ at home, taking them to the climbing wall is the perfect way to get it out of their system! At the same time as helping you to relax, the children will be able to use the natural urge to climb, get healthy exercise, develop problem solving skills and learn to work in a team to keep everyone safe. Climbing also develops a child’s desire to learn about new things and their social skills as they interact with other climbers. The climbing community is incredibly supportive and provides an excellent example to children in how to cheer others on.

According to the IFSC, 39% of climbers worldwide are under 18 and participation in the BMC Youth Climbing Series rose by 50% in the five years up to 2015. With this increase in climbing for young people, we can offer children a taste of healthy competition whilst in a supportive and fun environment.

At any age, growing in confidence can be an inspiring and incredible experience. Climbing is sure to develop anyone’s confidence as they tackle problems and overcome challenges. This is especially important for children as they learn to take on everyday life.

Climbing is not an activity that requires a certain level of fitness or agility. If you can be patient and are willing to try even if you fail, you will almost certainly enjoy climbing. This goes for anyone from toddlers to octogenarians; climbing is ageless. Even the most experienced climber is a beginner on a problem they’ve never tried before which is all the more reason to have a go yourself.

Climbers of all ages have tackled tough grades both indoors and outdoors. You are never too old to get on the wall and learn the movements that will take you to the heights. Fellow climbers will help you to conquer any challenge and will also help you to know when it’s time to pause, take stock and try again. Whilst toddlers might be more flexible on the wall, the older generation are certain to be more patient as they tackle a problem.

There are also numerous health benefits for all ages. By raising a child who climbs, you encourage a healthy attitude towards fitness and movement. Children are also likely to develop good habits around the food and nutrition that will help them to succeed in their climbing endeavours. As an adult, you access the ability to develop flexibility, reduce stress and become strong.

The most important part of all this, of course, is that climbing is really fun! Getting on the wall with the whole family will be an incredible bonding experience as you learn, challenge and laugh together.

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Freelance writer and blogger Millie Kidson can usually be found writing about books and wine. She is a huge fan of exercise and takes to the climbing wall to increase her strength.

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