8 reasons why climbing is the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle

Here at Boulder Hut we know that climbing isn’t just fun - it’s good for you too!

We’ve put together 8 reasons why climbing is the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle.

It’s a full body workout

When you climb, you don’t just work your upper body, but you engage in nimble footwork and use your lower body strength. In fact, according to the NHS, you will exercise your back, abdominal and leg muscles as well as your fingers, shoulders and arms, making climbing a true full body workout.

It burns plenty of calories

An hour climbing can help you burn up to 700 calories. By attending a few times a week or combining a weekly climb with other regular exercise you could see a healthy weight loss over time if this is your goal.

It combines the best elements of exercise

You might hear gym goers discussing their ‘cardio days’ or ‘strength days’, but with climbing you don’t have to choose. It boosts your heart rate, builds muscle and develops stamina - all at the same time.

It can make you more flexible

If yoga isn’t your thing then climbing is a great way to increase your flexibility as you reach and stretch for each hold. This stretching can improve blood circulation and your range of motion, keeping you moving. In fact, many climbers find that they want to take on additional exercises to become more flexible for the wall. Yoga might be your thing after all!

It can prevent chronic illness

The level of exercise involved in climbing can help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes. The vigorous cardiovascular activity along with reduced stress can prevent these diseases and improve your long term health.

It’s good for your brain!

Bouldering is all about problem solving. This makes it good not just for your body but for your mind! The complex decision making, combined with physical exertion, can help improve memory function, concentration and creativity.

It can help you to de-stress

Climbing can also decrease stress. Exercise is shown to be a major factor in stress and mental health and climbing really does provide the ideal workout. Success on the wall might just lead to success in life.

It can improve your self image

If you have struggled with self esteem and mental well-being, climbing can go a long way to help with this. Not only do you get to prove your strength to yourself every time you climb but you will also experience the endorphin rush of overcoming a problem that you thought impossible. This can do wonders for your self image and keep you coming back to get stronger every time.

With so many health benefits to enjoy, what are you waiting for? 

About the author

Millie Kidson

Freelance writer and blogger Millie Kidson can usually be found writing about books and wine. She is a huge fan of exercise and takes to the climbing wall to increase her strength.

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