Climbing is a low impact activity making it suitable for all ages, heights and sizes.

If you’re sick of feeling like ‘the kids are climbing the walls’ at home, taking them to the climbing wall is the perfect way to get it out of their system! At the same time as helping you to relax, the children will be able to use the natural urge to climb, get healthy exercise, develop problem solving skills and learn to work in a team to keep everyone safe.

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Here at Boulder Hut we know that climbing isn’t just fun - it’s good for you too!

We’ve put together 8 reasons why climbing is the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle.

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In 2006 approximately 67,000 people took part in climbing on a weekly basis in the UK. By 2016 this had almost doubled to 110,000.

Climbing is on the up. As more and more people look for a social activity that keeps them fit and strong, they are turning not to their gyms but to their climbing and bouldering walls.

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