Private Session

What we offer

We run private sessions for all abilities here at Boulder Hut for £21 per hour for one participant. We can accommodate up to 7 participants on a session for just £10 per extra climber. Aapo has been taking our sessions for a few months now, here's what his mum had to say,

For the past few months, our son has been having weekly 1:2:1 lessons with instructor Chris at Boulderhut, after trying out one of the kids' group sessions.
Aapo has a movement disorder affecting his balance, muscle coordination and strength so being able to have targeted training that allows him to develop his skills at his level, and get more hands-on support has been amazing.
Climbing is improving Aapo’s motor skills and muscle strength immensely but what it is doing to his self-confidence is worth more than anything else put together. Chris ables Aapo to push himself past his comfort level, and what they achieve together every week is remarkable.
It requires a very special species of child wrangler that can take on an obstinate 4 year old- So safe to say we are pretty pleased to have found Chris and the lovely place that is Boulderhut. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Located just off Junction 7 of the M53, in Ellesmere Port, just 10 minutes from Chester