Instructor Led Groups

We’re very excited to announce our group sessions and discounts. We have several options so, whether you’re simply looking to climb in a group or hold a party, there should be something for you.

Our instructor led group sessions are:

  • 60-minutes of fun, games, and technique tips
  • Include shoes and chalk
  • Available for a minimum of ten people.
  • Costing just £11 per person it's a super fun session of climbing
  • Able to include a scrumptious buffet for an extra £2.50 per person

If you're not looking for instructor led session, you can also get a significant discount for climbing groups. For children, our usual supervision of 1 adult to 2 children applies. The discounts are:

5 - 9 People 10 - 14 People

More than 15 People

10% off admissions 20% off admissions

30% off admissions