U18s Climbing

Everything you need to know about U18s Climbing at Boulder Hut...

***Kids' courses now available***

We love climbing. It’s great fun and a fab way to get fit. We want to share it with as many of you as possible, but it’s important that we make you aware of the risks involved. Climbing is still a high-risk activity and accidents can happen. To keep climbing fun, it’s vital that you take personal responsibility for your safety and for the safety of your children. To help you make the most of your visit, check out our safety and supervision requirements.


  • If it’s your first time at Boulder Hut, you’re required to watch our 2-minute safety video which includes information on ensuring safety for yourself and those around you. You can register in advance
  • If you’re new to climbing, or need a refresher, then we recommend that you book on to an induction (see prices here), where our instructors will show you around our centre’s facilities and will give you tips and techniques to get the most out of climbing. Please book in advance of your visit to ensure availability


  • Every participant requires a registration form completed in their name. Register in advance here
  • All forms must be completed by an adult
  • If you are under 18 a parent or Guardian must complete it for you
  • Registration forms last for 12 months unless a key term changes where we’ll request an updated form sooner

SUPERVISION FOR U18s: We’ve loved making the Boulder Play and Boulder Zoo areas and have made every effort to make it as safe as possible, however climbing is a high-risk activity, therefore adult supervision is essential at all times.


  • Boulder Play includes a climbing wall especially for children under 5s only
  • Two children under 5 may be supervised by one adult in the Boulder Play area only


  • Children under 5 need to be closely supervised and within reach of you at all times in the Boulder Zoo area
  • Under 11s need to be supervised by one adult for every two children


    • Under 11s who are competent at climbing and wish to climb in the main area will need to be signed off by one of our instructors to use the adult wall. Sign off costs £3 and includes a reusable silicone band. Please book in advance of your visit to ensure availability. 

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    • Under 18s can participate in a group instruction session, run by Boulder Hut, without parent/guardian supervision
    • 14-17 year olds, who wish to be signed off to use the centre without a parent or guardian present, can undertake an assessment at our discretion, and with the written consent of their parents or guardians. If successful, they will be able to use Boulder Hut in the same way as an adult climber, with the exception that they cannot supervise any novices or other under 18s. Over 14s who wish to be signed off to use the main area must have a parent/guardian present for their assessment.

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  • The Boulder Play area is for children under 5 only
  • Children under 5 can climb in the Boulder Zoo area but they need to be supervised one-to-one and within reach of you at all times
  • Children under 11 can only climb in the Boulder Zoo area unless they have been signed off by one of our instructors to use the adult wall. Sign off costs £3 and includes a reusable silicone band
  • Children 11 years and over can climb on the adult walls, but no more than 2 children can be supervised by an adult
  • During busy periods, play time in the Boulder Zoo and Play areas may be limited to 1 hour


  • To get the most out of bouldering and to safely use the walls, you'll need shoes and chalk to climb our Boulder Zoo and Main Boulder walls. You can hire shoes and chalk from reception


  • Do not loiter at the top or the bottom of the slide. Only one person should use the slide at a time
  • Any children who are not climbing should come off the mats. Make sure everyone is paying close attention to what’s happening above them. It’s not always possible for climbers to control their fall
  • There should be no walking under the arch and you should stay away from the walls when on the mats
  • No running
  • No food or drinks on the mats
  • Never start climbing while someone is on the wall above you
  • If you encounter any concerns or become injured, speak to a member of staff as soon as possible. Remember that we’re here to help you make your climbing sessions both safe and fun
  • Remove any jewellery, particularly rings which can become trapped
  • We recommend climbing down instead of jumping, where jumping/falling is necessary try to land on your feet bending your knees to absorb impact
  • We recommend wearing appropriate clothing and remove any items that may cause an entrapment risk. Including items in pockets
  • Keep the mats clear of items