Adult improver

Adult Improver Course

This three week course will provide the following to take your climbing to the next level :

Week 1:

  • The Basics
  • Centre Etiquette
  • Warming up
  • Footwork: The importance?
  • Centre of Gravity

Week 2:

  • Movement Skills - weight transference on the wall
  • Rockover / Drop knee / Flagging / Pivoting
  • How body positioning is connected to the choice in technique
  • Heel/Toehooks
  • Engrams: What are they and why they are important
  • Hold Identification and how to maximise using them
  • Sidepulls/ undercuts/gastons/slopers/edges

Week 3:

  • The Process / Project day
  • From start to finish various tactics and techniques to employ when attempting on the limit boulder problems
  • Route reading - Hand / Foot sequencing
  • Trying ALL the moves, focusing on hard sequences and potential alternative methods
  • Other tactics: chalking / brushing / clean shoes / controllable factors affect success / KNOWing the method
  • Position A - B and the movement connection [generating the exact amount of momentum to complete the movement]
  • Introduction into specific climbing conditioning: fingerboard / campus board etc


Ryan, who recently completed the course, said this:

I recently completed the climbing course Phil was running just wanted to say he’s an asset to Boulder Hut, such a great down to earth guy! Love his style and attitude towards climbing, his techniques in the course were spot on even though I have been climbing for a year or so I learnt so much. Would definitely attend more complex courses in the future, I learnt a lot about my technique and to take my time and read problems instead of just jumping at the wall and not getting anywhere, the exercise routine he taught us to get our bodies warmed up before we climb works really well I have been using this before I climb, his attitude towards helping others learn the different techniques and the different ways of approaching a project were amazing I feel like I can push myself more to try the harder problems cause, as he said, some of the hard problems can take weeks or months to master.

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Phil for teaching this course was spot on !! Please pass on my feedback and tell him thanks!

Located just off Junction 7 of the M53, in Ellesmere Port, just 10 minutes from Chester